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Friday, November 20, 2009

Published November 20, 2009


* Mortgage Delinquencies Hit Record High
* Siding with Katrina Victims, Ruling Faults Army Corps for New Orleans Flooding
* US: Security Council Should Define Aggression for ICC
* 8 Killed in Suspected US Drone Attack in Pakistan
* 16 Killed in Afghan Bombing
* White House: No Afghan Troop Decision Before Thanksgiving Holiday
* Vietnam Vet Holds Antiwar Fast Outside White House
* UN: Afghanistan World’s Most Dangerous Nation for Children
* US Ratification Urged on 20th Anniversary of Children’s Rights Convention
* Ban Calls for $30B in Climate Aid to Poor Nations
* Geithner Rejects Calls for Resignation Before Congressional Panel
* Study: Uninsured 80% More Likely to Die From Traumatic Injuries
* Thousands to Protest US Military Training School at Ft. Benning

* Uc-protests1-web
As UC Regents Approve Major Tuition Hike, Students, Faculty Decry Erosion of Public Education in CA and Nationwide

Amid thousands of student protesters and armed police standing guard, the University of California’s Board of Regents has approved a 32 percent increase in student fees. The vote will bring the total cost of a UC education to more than $10,000 per year for the first time. We discuss the protests and the growing privatization of public education with UCLA student activist Zen Dochterman and the president of the UC American Federation of Teachers, Bob Samuels. [includes rush transcript]

On 20th Anniversary of Killings of 6 Jesuit Priests by US-Backed Salvadoran Forces, Thousands to Protest "School of the Assassins" at Ft. Benning

Thousands are gathering at Fort Benning in Georgia this weekend for the annual protest to shut down the US Army training center dubbed by critics as the “School of the Assassins” for having trained some of the worst human rights violators in Latin America. This year’s protest will mark the twentieth anniversary of the murder of six Jesuit priests in El Salvador by the US-backed Salvadoran military. It comes days after the priests were posthumously bestowed El Salvador’s highest civilian award, marking the first time the Salvadoran government has honored the priests since their deaths. To talk about the priests and the overall state of Latin American affairs, we’re joined by Blase Bonpane, director of the Office of the Americas. A former Maryknoll priest, he has worked for more than four decades to promote human rights in Latin America. [includes rush transcript]

Israel Under Widespread International Criticism for Settlement Expansion Plan

Israel is coming under widespread international criticism for its plan to engage in a new round of illegal settlement expansion on occupied Palestinian land. Israel says it will build 900 new housing units in the East Jerusalem settlement of Gilo. Meanwhile, Palestinian Authority leaders began a renewed effort last week to win international support for formal Security Council endorsement of a Palestinian state based on 1967 borders. We speak with UCLA professor Saree Makdisi, author of Palestine Inside Out: An Everyday Occupation. [includes rush transcript]

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